Sandy Hook Interviews & Press Conferences VI | The Hubbards

The Hubbards claim to have lost their 6 year old daughter Catherine in the “Sandy Hook Massacre”. Just a few weeks later they are on CNN with Anderson Cooper being interviewed. Once again we have another family that doesn’t look like they are grieving at all. They appear quite happy in fact. They go on about how they weren’t going to let what happened stop them from celebrating Christmas. I’m sorry. I have a friend who lost her mom around the holidays 30 years ago and Christmas is still a hard holiday for her to celebrate. These people’s kid was shot at least 3 times by a madman. There is no way you would be happy for a long time to come. The human body hurts when something like this happens. And it shows that hurt. You also would be very angry at the gunman. Why would you be talking about you can’t live with hate? Anyway check out the interview and tell me if this is how you would react if your child was murdered.

Mama Jennifer bubbling over with joy at the park being opened in her dead daughter’s name.

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