Dec 20

Sandy Hook Interviews & Press Conferences VII | The Hockleys

The Hockleys, Ian and Nicole are another couple who claim to have lost their autistic son Dylan in the “Sandy Hook Massacre”. Nicole happened to study theater and directing. Hmm. Another certified actress. We’ll start with the proof of that. Also in the video below you can see the Hockleys talking to Congress about gun control a mere 2 months after the “shooting”. She also does another interview where she is describing the morning at the firehouse when she found out her son had been murdered. And once again crying with no tears. Just bad acting. And of course she has to go on about how the families aren’t going to be filled with anger. Continue reading

Dec 19

Sandy Hook Interviews & Press Conferences VI | The Hubbards

The Hubbards claim to have lost their 6 year old daughter Catherine in the “Sandy Hook Massacre”. Just a few weeks later they are on CNN with Anderson Cooper being interviewed. Once again we have another family that doesn’t look like they are grieving at all. They appear quite happy in fact. They go on about how they weren’t going to let what happened stop them from celebrating Christmas. I’m sorry. I have a friend who lost her mom around the holidays 30 years ago and Christmas is still a hard holiday for her to celebrate. These people’s kid was shot at least 3 times by a madman. There is no way you would be happy for a long time to come. The human body hurts when something like this happens. And it shows that hurt. You also would be very angry at the gunman. Why would you be talking about you can’t live with hate? Anyway check out the interview and tell me if this is how you would react if your child was murdered. Continue reading

Dec 16

The Sandy Hook Interviews & Press Conferences V – The Wheelers

Now we come the the Wheelers. David and Francine. I have spoken a lot so far in this blog about actors or crisis actors. And we have already seen proof that Gene Rosen is affiliated with acting. Well so are the Wheelers. Both of them have performed in theater or film, as you will see in the clips below. The Wheelers supposedly lost their 6-year old son Benjamin. They took have taken to the airwaves for interviews and to the streets pushing stricter gun-control laws. Again they cry with no tears. Continue reading

Dec 15

The Sandy Hook Interviews & Press Conferences IV | The Sotos

So here we have the 4th family who has decided the best way to cope with this tragedy is to go on TV and talk about it within 2 days after the event. They have supposedly lost Victoria Soto. The story of her goes that she dove in front of the gunman to shield them from the bullets and saved several lives. If you see my earlier posts on Gene Rosen, you will find out that 6 of those kids wound up at his house on his lawn driven there by a school bus driver. After seeing their teacher killed I’m not sure why any bus driver would feel compelled to drop them off at some strange man’s house. Aren’t they witness to a crime? But anyway that is how the story goes. The 20 year old sister of Victoria Soto, Carlee, tries to give an Academy Award performance in this video but alas no tears stream down her face. Continue reading

Dec 14

The Sandy Hook Press Conferences & Interviews III | The Rekos

The Rekos. They too within 2 days are on TV (ABC NEWS) giving an interview after their little daughter Jessica has been brutally murdered. When you lose someone, especially a child, your body reacts in a way that shows that pain. These people show no pain. Their eyes aren’t bloodshot from the lack of sleep and crying. I mean they don’t even carry tissues. Nut the mother Krista Rekos really tries to pull off the crying but she is a horrible actress. Where are the tears. Some people want to say they are in a shock and that’s why no tears. If you are in shock the last thing you would be doing is going onT V for an interview laughing it up with the host. Watch for yourself and tell me I’m not crazy. Oh. As a bonus at the end of the interview, the host from FOX NEWS (not sure why FOX was airing ABC’s video) brings on a doctor to explain why you can’t stay emotional in these situations for the sake of the surviving kids. You can’t make this stuff up. Or maybe you can. Continue reading

Dec 14

Sandy Hook Press Conferences & Interviews II | The McDonnells

The McDonnells claim to have lost their little girl Grace in the “Sandy Hook Massacre” that took place a year ago today on December 14, 2012. Just a couple days after this horrific tragedy they call up CNN to be interviewed by Anderson Cooper. First of all I would not want to be in a rush to be doing interviews after my daughter’s bullet-ridden body has to be put into the ground. And second of all I would not look like the happiest person in the world doing that interview. The human body just doesn’t work that way. There is no way people act like this in time of grief. Debunkers say “oh everyone grieves differently”. Really? None of these families ever cry any tears and they look extremely happy to be in the spotlight. Watch the video and tell me that these people sound like they just lost their kid to a mass murderer. Continue reading

Dec 14

The Sandy Hook Press Conferences & Interviews I | The Parkers

Just shortly after the “Sandy Hook Massacre” the victims’ families took to the airwaves and also held press conferences. Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper interviewed several just days after the event. The thing is that none of these people seem genuine. I have friends who have lost their child and they still cry years later. Days later these people are laughing and smiling when they should be in deep pain. But even when they are supposed to be crying, no tears come out of their eyes. Actors. Bad actors. We’ll start with Robbie Parker. Father of Emilie Parker. He is the one that triggered a whole lot of people into investigating this hoax. He is all smiles when he doesn’t know the camera is on him. He then goes into character just like an actor would. See for yourself and trust your human instincts about these so-called victims. Continue reading

Dec 14

Dr. H. Wayne Carver | Sandy Hook Medical Examiner

Now we come to the medical examiner. This guy has no sensitivity at all. He is laughing and giggling throughout this press conference. After seeing the worst school shooting in history, how he could act like this is beyond me. Unless he never had to examine any bodies. He also says all the victims were killed with a long gun, but the police say the long gun was in the trunk of the car. Well which is it guys? Continue reading

Dec 13

Gene Rosen of Sandy Hook

Gene Rosen is the man who said he saw 6 kids sitting on his lawn who were at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He claims a male adult was with them but then he disappeared. He later said a school bus driver dropped them off. We then find out that these kids were in Victoria Soto’s class. She is supposed to be the heroine who jumped in front of the bullets to save her kids. So six who survived got dropped off at Gene Rosen’s house. And just like everyone else involved in this horrible “tragedy”, they are as calm as can be after seeing their teacher slaughtered. Continue reading